Sassa: Grant Payments To Be Made Without Hitches From Wednesday

South African Social Security Agency in Pretoria. Picture: Kayleen Morgan/EWN

The South African Security Agency (Sassa) is optimistic social grants beneficiaries won’t struggle to get their money next month.

For over 700,000 grant recipients, July payments were delayed for more than a week due to a system overload.

Sassa says it’s rigorously tested its new payment system and it’s ready to make payments without hitches from Wednesday.

Sassa’s new payment system couldn’t cope with the huge number of transactions it had to perform at the beginning of this month leaving hundreds of thousands of beneficiaries stranded for days.

Since then, Sassa says its infrastructure has been massively improved and it’s now able to perform 160 transactions per second.

Spokesperson Paseka Lesatsi said: “We think that particular process, which is being implemented and monitored, will be able to help people make transactions easily.”

Sassa is appealing to those who have already received its new gold payment card, to instead use merchants and ATMs to withdraw their money, rather than cash pay points.