Sexual Abuse By Teachers Increased By 230% Over Last 5 Years: SACE

Sexual abuse by teachers increase by 230%

The South African Council of Educators (SACE) on Wednesday told Members of Parliament that reports of sexual abuse by teachers rose by more than 230% in the last five years.

The council said it dealt with complaints of corporal punishment, verbal abuse, sexual misconduct and rape.

When it comes to sexual cases, the offenders were mostly teachers aged between 45 and 54.

The council’s CEO Ella Mokgalane said: “When we deal with sexual abuse-related cases, a learner remains a learner.”

DA Member of Parliament Nomsa Marchesi questioned the council about why cases of sexual abuse were not reported to authorities.

“I am concerned as there are cases where learners were abused, and those cases did not go to the police. What prevented you from doing that?”

According to its annual report, the council dealt with 93 cases of sexual misconduct against teachers in the year under review.