Shack Torched In Rustervaal Amid Protests Over Illegal Land Invasion

A dismantled shack. Image EWN

Rustervaal residents, in Vereeniging, say they will fight to remove a group of illegal land invaders in their community no matter what it takes.

Residents blocked the R82 on Thursday, saying they won’t allow illegal occupants to remain in the area.

They have accused the group of committing crimes including rape, murder and theft.

There’s a heavy police presence along the R82 on the Rustevaal turn, where residents gathered to protest against illegal land invaders in the area.

The process of eviction was suspended on Wednesday after violent clashes between the Red Ants and the illegal land occupants left two people dead and several injured.

Residents said they must be removed no matter what it takes.

Community leader Godfrey Lawrence said: “One of the most wanted criminals in Gauteng has been spotted there and was arrested on that land. It tells you that land is an opportunity for criminals to hide.”

The residents who are predominantly coloured have denied claims that their call to remove illegal land occupants is racially motivated.


A shack belonging to a suspected illegal land occupant in Rustervaal has been burnt, sparking more violence in the area.

Shortly after residents of Rustervaal dispersed from the R82 which they had blocked, a loud shout emerged from a burning shack.

A shack dweller, who did not want to be identified, accused the community of setting the structure alight.

“The issue is volatile, and we don’t know what they’re planning. There’s an issue of racism in this community.”

This happened right after the South African Human Rights Commission’s officials left the area. They met with the community to discuss protests in the area.