Some Unisa Accounting Students Left in Limbo Over Registration Issues

FILE: A Unisa campus. Picture: Unisa Facebook page

CAPE TOWN – Some University of South Africa (Unisa) accounting students are concerned about their future after being unable to apply for their final year of studying.

The postgrad accounting studies students say that they’ve been unable to register because the programme is full.

Unisa has told Eyewitness News that it will only be able to comment on the issue later on Friday.

Jade Neethling, who’s been a student at Unisa for several years, thought that she’d be able to register for the final level of the Certificate in the Theory of Accounting, or CTA, programme this year.

Neethling dreams of becoming a chartered accountant but she needs to complete Level Two to continue.

However, her application is still pending, as the university has told her the programme is filled to capacity.

“Some firms require you to be studying, so what about all the other people who don’t get in, are they still going to have their jobs or their internships because they’re obviously not following their contract with their firm?”

Another CTA student in the same boat, Faaiza Hanees from Durban, says she was shocked when her application wasn’t approved.

“It was always the rule that if you passed CTA 1, you would progress to Level Two. At no time was it ever told to us that it would be subject to space availability or anything of that nature.”