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south africa elections

8th May, The D-Day For South Africa

On Wednesday morning, bright and early, South Africa will head to the polls to choose their representatives in the sixth parliament since the nation gained her independence. This is a very important day for all. The decision each voter will make that day will determine how South Africa and her people will be governed for the next five years.

In times past not only in South Africa but around the world, the masses are known to vote along party lines, not necessarily for the abilities of the individual candidates and what each will bring to the table. This has unfortunately resulted in voters getting disillusioned soon after the hype has died down and reality strikes. But humans forget quickly. After complaining, going on strike, demonstrating trying to get the attention of the leaders they put in office, the masses will once again troop to the polling stations next round and again, without fail, vote the same people or their compatriots in again.

It is time for the cycle to be broken. South Africa, it is time to vote those representatives who will deliver on all the things that you need most. Service delivery has been the hottest issue in the last couple of weeks as you shut down your residential areas in the hopes that the responsible parties will hear you and come to your aid. Here’s hoping that you have done your homework well, and know which candidate can deliver, who is qualified and capable of running each office to your benefit as the voter.

Emotions can mislead and in the period running up to the D-Day, politicians have gone all out to evoke your feelings. Even as your emotions run high, please take the time to decide on the direction you want your beautiful land to go. The persons you vote in will on an individual level and collectively, either take the nation forward, keep the status quo or God forbid, move it backward. Delivery of promises will only be honoured by those who are men and women of integrity, those who did not promise you the sun knowing they could not even reach the moon. It is better to put in office individuals who will deliver well on a few important projects than those who promise a Utopia land and have nothing to show after five years.

Well, it is now your turn to show these leaders that you truly are their employers, go out on Wednesday, and vote for the best candidate to serve you in the sixth parliament.


Lucy Thairu