Something to Ponder


Corruption – The Curse of Our Generation

In the past weeks even as the election wave peaked and then slowly waned, there were cases being argued in our South African courts. Without mentioning names and places, we all know what has been coming out of these courtrooms. Accused persons are assumed innocent until proven guilty so we are not here to judge anyone.

What we are here to do today is to make an observation, an observation that says that there is something very wrong with the picture being presented to South Africa by our current crop of leaders, and I am not thinking politics at this point. In general, I believe history will judge our generation harshly as the generation that rooted and almost brought our countries to their knees. When I say ‘our’ I am talking of the larger African continent as South Africa is not suffering this scourge alone.

Most of the leaders we have in position in the corporate world, education, medical or whatever area, there are cries of suffering for lack of proper service delivery. Things are not going as they were expected to do when constitutions and other governing statements were put on paper and governing bodies, boards and other overseeing structures were put in place. The ordinary person on the ground wakes up each morning hoping that today may be the day that they will get some relief. Maybe, there will be medicines in the public hospital. May be today, the streets will be clean. May be today, the children will finally get books in school.

Daily, the hopes die only to rise again with the dawn the next morning. Budgets are made by governments both local and national. They are also made by corporate bodies. Money is allocated to projects too. But, the picture emerging is that very little of this money ever gets to the ground where it was targeted to reach. It gets lost in the system and somehow finds its way into a few individuals’ pockets. This is the sad truth, the reality that we are confronted with everyday.

Of the seven continents of the world, there is none so richly endowed with natural resources like our beloved motherland Africa. Climatic conditions are super and our people are friendly and hardworking. From Cape to Cairo, we are so well provided for by our creator that we should be the ones who set the pace for the rest of the world with everyone benefitting from such a rich heritage and living well. But, no! Our own people in positions of leadership and governance are the ones oppressing the common person. They grab everything and care less that some family somewhere is sleeping hungry or a child is dying as a result of their own greed.

The saddest thing is that most of these people especially the elected ones are put there by the same people they oppress. When will it all stop?  We lose not hope, but it is very difficult to see a brighter future if we keep rotating the same leaders every opportunity we get to change them!

The current court cases have caught the attention of many.

We hope and pray justice for the South African will prevail. We keep an eye out for a brighter future for us all.

Lucy Thairu