South Africa LAND SEIZURE: Brexiteer Demands May Condemn Cape Town Attack on White Farmers


South Africa has attracted international attention over the last year after President Cyril Ramaphosa outlined plans for land reforms which would allow the Government to unilaterally expropriate land without compensation. Mr Ramaphosa has repeatedly insisted the “stability of the country” would be at stake without the reform despite the outcry of white farmers claiming to be unjustly targeted by the seizure. Brexiteer MP Andrew Bridgen urged Theresa May to speak out against the proposed reforms during a tense PMQs session.

Addressing Mrs May on Wednesday, Mr Bridgen said: “Will she join me and also condemn the South African Parliament who is currently taking powers to seize land from their own citizens, without compensation and solely based on the colour of their skin?

“This is not only wrong, it is also missing putting another African country from a bread basket into a basket case.”

The Prime Minister said she had discussed the proposed land reforms with President Ramaphosa during her visit to South Africa in August, insisting the South African leader had reassured he would not allow “violent and illegal land seizure” to take place.

Mrs May said: “We recognised the concern there is and the need there is for land reform but President Ramaphosa has consistently stated that violent and illegal land seizures will not be tolerated.

Original article published at by AURORA BOSOTTI