South Africa Ranked 11th Among Top 20 Countries Mismanaging Waste

Huge mountain of garbage: South Africa is ranked 11th in the top 20 countries mismanaging waste.

South Africa is ranked 11th among the top 20 countries mismanaging waste.

This was revealed during a meeting of Parliament’s portfolio committee on Environmental Affairs on Wednesday, where the possible banning of single-use plastic products was discussed.

The stats come from a 2015 study conducted by Georgia University in the US.

The study finds on average, every South African accumulates about 2 kilograms of waste per day.

The Environmental Affairs Department’s deputy director for chemical waste, Mark Gordon, says it also shows that 12% of general waste is plastic.

He’s told MP’s that South Africa recycles almost 330,000 tonnes of plastic every year.

“South Africa has 56% of mismanaged waste. The study shows across the world of oceans polluted, about 50% of that plastic comes from within 50km of the coastline.”

Other African countries on the list include Nigeria and Egypt.