South African Medical Tourism Start-Up Compels African Citizens To Find Solutions To Africa’s Problems Within The Continent

South African Medical Tourism

The global medical tourism industry is valued at $100 billion and is growing at twenty-five percent year-on-year 1.  Annually, Nigerians spend more than $200 million on medical tourism to India. Overall, it is estimated that Africa could be losing up to $1 billion on imported medical treatment annually, presenting a substantial economic loss to the continent.

A new medical tourism agency in Southern Africa is revolutionizing the way that Africans approach medical care. Med-Afrique Medical Tours seeks to connect clients across the African continent with affordable and customized medical packages and services in South Africa. The company takes a cutting-edge approach to quality care for Africans by championing the belief that Africans must empower themselves by looking within the African continent for the solutions to their problems and needs. Out of this belief, Med-Afrique was born.

The Johannesburg-based start-up is a black female-owned medical travel agency that helps clients find the quality care they deserve at an affordable cost. Medical care as a whole is severely lacking across the African content.  However, South Africa Africa’s largest economy, is a recognized medical and cosmetic tourism destination, boasting a world-class medical sector with internationally renowned medical specialists. Med-Afrique consultants work with clients to understand their medical needs and what they can afford to help customize a travel package, including fights and accommodations, arranging for interpreters when needed, negotiating treatment prices, and assuring the safety, enjoyment, and comfort of its clients and their companions whilst traveling to and staying in South Africa.

Med-Afrique curates medical tourism packages to South African for clients from all backgrounds, including those who are self-funded, employee-supported, and government-funded. They work with clients to arrange a variety of medical tourism needs, including cosmetic surgery, non-essential surgeries, fertility treatments, and general check-ups. This cutting-edge and values driven company believes that quality care should be accessible for every African citizen, and they focus on delivering holistic experiences that positively impact the mind, body, and soul—all within the African continent.  

With medical tourism on the rise, clients seeking medical treatment abroad have many options. While India has been a popular option for many African citizens, South Africa is an emerging and more attractive option. Pricing and affordability are one reason South African medical tourism beats other options. Similar medical procedures generally cost a third of what they do in other developed countries. Additionally, a favourable exchange rate increases the affordability and value of South African medical travel options.

In addition to affordability, African patients will enjoy a well-known tourist destination marked by beautiful sights, a wealth of leisure and cultural activities, incredible shopping experiences, and a travel experience that is affordable for many people. Additionally, medical tourism to South Africa is a more streamlined experience for African patients, as staying within the continent assures similar food options, reduced chances of language barriers, and familiar entertainment and leisure options. This equates to a more comfortable vacation while you seek and recover from the medical care you need.

The experts at Med-Afrique also believe that receive medical treatment should not have to be an experience overcome by negative feelings and emotions. By combining much-needed or desired medical treatments with exciting travel experiences, the company seeks to deliver unforgettable positive cultural experiences that outweigh any unpleasantness clients may associate with medical care.

With a combined over 35 years of experience in the healthcare industry, Med-Afrique’s founders possess a wealth of medical and pharmaceutical knowledge, as well as extensive knowledge of South Africa, to assure that each Med-Afrique client receives the best treatment and an exciting travel experience that exceeds their expectations.

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