Strawberry Lips – Making Meaningful Contributions To Breast Cancer Awareness

Strawberry Lips Pink Drive
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For the past few years Strawberry Lips has partnered with breast cancer awareness movement PinkDrive in a show of support for the initiative. For 2019, this top-selling premium gold tequila and cream liqueur wanted to have a 360-degree impact during one of the months’ they consider the most important on the South African calendar. To this end, Strawberry Lips initiated a fundraising and educational drive that accumulated just over R9 million in value for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Strawberry Lips made a public pledge to donate a portion of every bottle sold within the month of October, contributing towards 5,000 PinkDrive breast examinations and educational interventions. Furthermore, it partnered with like-minded South African customers, partners and brands that wanted to add value to the campaign in various ways. This resulted in multiple fundraising initiatives, including a powerful Cosmopolitan #DearBoobs survey and self-love issue; Self-Love Sunday event and free clinical breast exams at the Bay Harbour Market, all powered by Strawberry Lips.

“We aspired to do more than donate – we wanted to create a real impact and be part of the conversation. To do this, we needed to think bigger and with the help of our partners, suppliers and clients, were able to provide a platform that superseded all our expectations”, says Strawberry Lips Marketing Manager, Vanessa Nel. “We truly went on a journey with South African women and survivors – from sharing their fears, to embracing their triumphs and celebrating their strength and courage. Not as a brand, but as a fellow participant. It was remarkable.”

PinkDrive is the indispensable, tangible breast cancer organisation fuelling South Africa’s first-and-only mammography, educational units. Aimed at women and men of all ages, PinkDrive believes that “Early Detection Will Help Prolong a Life.”

“It is important for us all to stand together as a collective when it comes to driving an educational message that can influence society and change the lives of many. We are humbled by the support Strawberry Lips received for this Breast Cancer awareness campaign, and very inspired to continue with similar initiatives where Strawberry Lips can make a positive impact in the lives of South African Women”, continues Nel.

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About Strawberry Lips

Strawberry Lips is famously known as a delicate blend of Strawberry flavoured cream liqueur laced with premium gold tequila. It is a top selling and proudly South African drink, and versatile as a serve over crushed ice, in a cocktail, shottail, milkshake or over ice cream.

Strawberry Lips may be a fun, silky-smooth drink, perfect for any occasion, but the brand is also synonymous with encouraging and supporting a culture of strong, empowered and successful South African women. Through numerous campaigns promoting inspirational female role models and aligned causes, Strawberry Lips continuously contributes to the shaping of future South Africa.

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