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The Chamber of Legal Students representatives, the student’s legal team, says it awaits reasons as to why Sans Souci Girls’ High is continuing with the disciplinary hearing of a learner at the centre of an assault row.

This comes after the Chamber made submissions to the school to postpone the hearing as the correct procedures were not followed in dealing with the matter.

Earlier in February, the learner and an educator were suspended from the school after a video of their heated argument in a classroom spiralled through social media.

Kwanda Mkalipi, co-founder and director of the legal group, says, “We’re waiting for them to give us reasons in writing as to why they are continuing with the hearing, although we’ve clearly stated and shown them. So, it’s hearing without merit. Our next step is to head to the Quality Court, but at this point, we’re waiting for their reason and from there we’ll decide what to do.”