Sun, 19 May, 2019

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Sifting through the wreckage of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 near Bishoftu, Ethiopia, on Monday. All 157 aboard were killed when the Boeing 737 max 8 crashed.

Black Boxes Of Crashed Boeing Sent To Paris For Analysis

Ethiopian Airlines said Thursday that the black box flight recorders from the Boeing 737 MAX 8 that crashed with 157 people on board have...
A boeing 737 max 8 grounded at an airport.

US Aviation Regulators Order Boeing To Make Changes To 737 Max...

Regulators from the United States have ordered Boeing to make design changes to the 737 MAX 8 after the deadly crash in Ethiopia.
Boeing 737 Max 8

Comair Remains ‘Vigilant’ Using Boeing 737 Max 8 After Ethiopian Airlines...

JOHANNESBURG - Comair said its flight crew and engineers remain vigilant and if it receives any information suggesting it should reassess the...
Ethiopian airlines jet

Ethiopian Airlines, China Ground Boeing 737 Max 8 Fleet Following Crash

Ethiopian Airlines said Monday it had grounded its Boeing 737 MAX 8 fleet after a crash that killed 149 passengers and eight crew.

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