Mon, 19 August, 2019

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Jada Pinkett Smith’s Marriage To Will Smith Isn’t ‘Perfect’

Jada Pinkett Smith insists her marriage isn't "perfect", as she says she and Will Smith speak openly about their romance struggles in...

Jada Pinkett Smith On Why Women Are Attracted To Married Men

Jada Pinkett Smith thinks women are "attracted to married men" because of "security", but she insisted she isn't condoning it.

Young Want To Treat Marriage Like a Cellphone Contract, Poll Finds

Traditionally, it has been viewed as a sacred bond intended to last until death.But many young people now believe marriage should be more like...

David Beckham: Marriage Not Always Smooth Sailing

David Beckham has talked candidly about his relationship with his wife and fashion designer, Victoria.In an interview with Australian TV show The Project, Beckham was...

Kaley Cuoco Ties The Knot

Kaley Cuoco has married professional equestrian Karl Cook in San Diego.The Big Bang Theory star actress wed the professional equestrian in a romantic ceremony in San...

9 of Africa’s Top Power Couples

From doctor turned fashion doyenne, a man of the cloth leading a mega church in Ghana, Africa’s richest woman who started her first business...

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