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Minister of Energy Jeff Radebe states that South Africa needs to spend R1 Trillion in the next 11 years to grow it's power capacity.

Explained: Why South Africa’s Eskom Is In So Much Trouble

Eskom is by far the largest of South Africa’s many state owned companies. This near monopoly power utility is in crisis. It’s the single largest...
Eskom is confident with Winter plan.

Opinion – Why South Africa’s Plan For Eskom Could Work

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa has unveiled a new plan for the country’s beleaguered state owned power utility, Eskom. During his State of the Nation...

Is South Africa On The Brink Of A Major Energy Policy...

South Africans go to the polls this year. And for the first time the country’s energy future is becoming a significant subject of contestation.This is...

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