Wed, 20 February, 2019
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Argentina Defeat USA

Santiago Carreras scored two tries as host Argentina routed two-time defending champion United States 45-14 on Saturday to seize the lead after two rounds...

US Imposes Visa Restrictions on Ghanaian Nationals

WASHINGTON — The United States imposed visa restrictions on Ghanaian nationals Thursday, making it more difficult for citizens of the West African country to visit...
President Donald Trump

Trump Vows To ‘entirely’ Close Us-mexico Border Unless Demands Met

US President Donald Trump on Friday threatened to "entirely" close the southern US border with Mexico if lawmakers refuse his demands to fund a...
Nigerian President Buhari

President Buhari Goes to the White House to Meet President Trump

President Buhari and President Trump discussed shared economic and security interests.The two presidents will discuss terrorism, trade, and anti-Christian sentiment in Nigeria. President Donald Trump...

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Nigeria’s Electoral Commission

Africa Top10 News

Nigeria’s Electoral Commission has Embraced TechnologyWhile Nigeria’s elections are by no means fully electronic, the use of permanent voter cards (PVC) verified by electronic...