Take Leave Or You’re Fired – DA Tells Oudtshoorn Mayor

Colan Sylvester
Oudtshoorn Mayor Colan Sylvester. Picture: OudtshoornMayor/Facebook

The Democratic Alliance (DA) has read the Riot Act to Oudtshoorn Mayor Colan Sylvester whose future now hangs in the balance.

Eyewitness News is in possession of letters that the DA’s top management sent Sylvester ordering him to take leave or face the axe.

This comes after Sylvester sacked municipal manager Allen Paulse over financial irregularities.

Sylvester is reportedly already on leave.

There has been tension between the pair since Sylvester defied an instruction from the DA on Paulse; Sylvester has also laid charges against Paulse following financial irregularities within the council.

The embattled mayor will be on leave for six weeks.

He will not be allowed on the municipality premises and will, in all likelihood, not form part of any DA activities.

Sylvester now faces an investigation by the party and until that process is completed, Sylvester won’t see the mayoral chain.