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Thai curry is usually a soupy dish consisting of coconut milk or water, meat, and curry paste. Unlike the thicker Indian curries, Thai curries have a more soup-like consistency, and the cooks prefer to use fresh herbs and aromatic leaves instead of spice blends that are prevalent in Indian curries.

In many Thai homes, curry is consumed on a daily basis, and the cooks can choose from two varieties of Thai curry: water-based or coconut milk-based curries. The most popular water-based curry is sour curry, or gaeng sohm plah, which is often prepared with fish or seafood, while the sour flavor comes from tamarind.

Some of the spiciest Thai curries are water-based since there is no coconut milk in the dish to subdue the heat. Coconut-based curries are more popular in the West, such as red, green, yellow, or panang curry.