1He is a Chemistry graduate from Escuela Technical No. 12, and worked as a chemist before entering the seminary.

2He was a nightclub bouncer. Whilst a student at Buenos Aires, he worked as a doorman at a nightclub.

3His wine appreciation is nestled in his blood. His grandfather was a winemaker in Italy. He does talk about wine quite a bit in his homilies. In a recent one, he said, ‘The finest of wines will come for every person who stakes everything on love.’ He does also fancy the story where Jesus turns water into wine.

4He is not a TV man…. at all. Pope Francis hasn’t watched television for the past 25 years. He has been quoted as saying ‘It’s not for me’. So how does he keep up with his favourite football team, San Lorenzo Almagro from Argentina? Via the Swiss Guard who regularly keep him updated on match scores.

5He is the first Pope from the Southern hemisphere. Jorge Mario Bergoglio comes from Argentina while all the other Popes have come from Northern hemisphere.

6Harley Davidson once gave him a motorcycle. He donated the Harley and the leather Jacket to charity, raising $327,000 to benefit a hospital and a soup kitchen in Rome.

7He was named as the 2013 Time Magazine Person of the Year and his article was written by U.S President Barack Obama. He also graced the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine on January 27, 2014.