Things To Do In Croatia If You’re Ocean Obsessed

Things To Do In Croatia

Sailing the islands of Croatia is fast becoming as critical as seeing the Eiffel Tower. From the postcard town of Split to the clubs of Dubrovnik Old Town, with so many white beaches and ocean time in between. Contiki unpacks seven must-do Croatia highlights

If you’re so obsessed with the ocean that you’re convinced you were a mermaid in a past life, Croatia should be number one on your Europe travel list. The Croatian coastline truly does have it all, from energetic seaside partying to quiet coves and everything in between.

Spoilt for choice? Contiki has your back: these are the 7 things to do in Croatia if you absolutely adore the sea.

Things To Do In Croatia

Sail around the islands

If you’re in Croatia in the first place, that means you’re about that #Boatlife. Whether you’re speed jetting around the Elephite islands or kayaking under the blue caves: boat is the only real way to explore this magical paradise. The good news is the options are endless: it can be a taxi boat, a glass bottom boat, or a cruise liner – just be sure to stop off for gelato en-route, of course…

Snorkel among shipwrecks

Shipwreck ruins can be found all along the Croatian coastline and they make for fascinating snorkelling expeditions. If the shipwrecks awaken your inner nerd, ask the locals for the backstory before donning your gear and going exploring.

Things To Do In Croatia

Indulge in the tastes of the sea

Croatia’s foreign influences are reflected in its eclectic food scene, which most notably consists of fresh sea-to-table seafood that is, quite simply, to die for. Croatian specialties include wine-drenched mussels and delectable raw seafood. Note: the closer you are to the sea, the better the produce. No matter where you are along the coast, you’ll be spoilt for choice with a variety of mouth-watering ocean treats.

Party on the coast

Croatia is home to a multitude of festivals, making it a certified European party destination which attracts thousands of party-goers year on year. Some of the country’s most popular events include Outlook and Hideout, which take place on the beach: an ideal combination if you ask us. Missed festival season? Don’t panic – you can still get lit in the array of bars and clubs which dot the Croatian coastline.

Get your beach fix

Croatia’s beaches haven’t gained worldwide status for no reason. No, they’re not the sandiest, but they bring the wow factor in every other sense of the word. Think crystal clear blue waters that glisten under the sun, and hidden spots shaded by trees. Head to Zlatni Rat for a hubbub of beachside activity – or if you crave serenity, ask around for local gems, and get tanning.

Spot a pod of Dolphins

If you’re obsessed with the ocean, chances are that the sight of a pod of dolphins will make you squeal with delight. Journey to the west coast of Istria or Losinj and you could find all your dolphin dreams coming true, as Losinj is home to a vast dolphin population. If simply seeing them isn’t enough, opt for a dolphin excursion, which involves meeting the dolphins and learning about their behaviour.

Go cliff jumping

If you really want to experience ocean-related euphoria, why not tempt your inner daredevil and head to one of the countries many cliff diving spots. Beach Punta Verudela is one such adrenaline junkie hotspot, which offers breath-taking views of the surrounding landscape to enjoy on your way down into the refreshing water. If you’re apprehensive, worry not – the cliffs offer different heights to choose from. But remember, safety first. Only jump if you’re with others who are experienced and know the area well.

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