Sun, 21 July, 2019

Trading Your Thong For Granny Panties Is Actually A Thing

Five granny panties on a washing line
Hooray for the granny panties!
After all, what would an entire decade of retro fashion throwbacks be if the broeks we all grew up in never returned?


Somehow, it comes as no surprise that fashion is now celebrating the very underwear so many of us, for far too long have been conditioned to hate and view as unattractive. I still remember feeling self-conscious about doing handstands in a dress that would flash my underwear in case the older girls in our neighbourhood thought my undies weren’t cute. I was seven years old.

Yet, from a comfort and health perspective full cotton, shape hugging panties have seldom let me down.

It’s hard, however to determine whether everything that comes with a full panty will be celebrated, like the VPL (visible panty line). I guess, there’s no taking one without the other so perhaps it’s safe to say that visible panty lines are in too.

Recently, Calvin Klein shared on its Instagram profile the second part of the #MyCalvins campaign that showed snaps and videos of the Kardashian/Jenner sisters posing not in the butt cheek bearing undies that we’ve become so used to seeing them in but rather in full monogrammed Calvin Klein briefs.

Thankfully, this current tip in the underwear scales or the shift in perspective on what is considered fashionable or even ‘sexy’ doesn’t have to serve as a collective ‘one size fits all’ for every woman since we’re all here to wear whatever makes us feel good, be it thongs or neutral shades of full granny briefs.

When it comes to retro high waist panties in 2018, there is no hiding, as naked dresses and granny panties are an all time runway and street style hit.