Tygerberg Hospital Celebrates Birth of Quadruplets

A first-time mother has given birth to quadruplets at Tygerberg Hospital. Credit: Western Cape Government Health on Facebook.

After more than 10 years, a Cape Town hospital is celebrating the birth of the first quadruplets at its facility.

Inga Mafenuka gave birth to her four babies via C-Section last Friday at the Tygerberg Hospital.

It’s their mom’s first pregnancy and happened naturally without any help from fertility treatments or hormones.

The Western Cape Health Department says spontaneous quadruplet pregnancies are an exceptional occurrence.

Mafenuka says she’s delighted at the birth of her four bundles of joy.

But she’s not the only one who’s overjoyed at their arrival.

Staff at Tygerberg Hospital say they are also celebrating the birth of little Bubele, Buchule, Bunono and Bungcwele who they say are recovering well.

They were delivered at 29 weeks via C-Section.

Paediatrician Haseena Hassan was part of the medical team who helped deliver the little ones.

“The babies are doing very well. They were all started at the oxygen machine when they were delivered because their lungs were still immature. But a day after the delivery we were able to take three of the babies off the oxygen.”

The quadruplets won’t be able to go home just yet as they are premature, and will have to remain in hospital for monitoring for a few more weeks.

WATCH: Spontaneous quadruplets born at Tygerberg Hospital