Vanderbijlpark Mom Wants Justice After Pepper-spray Attack At Mall

Itumeleng Tsoeu
Itumeleng Tsoeu holds her four-month-old son. Picture: Mia Lindeque/EWN

JOHANNESBURG – A Vanderbijlpark mother wants justice after she and her four-month-old baby were threatened and pepper-sprayed by a woman, who allegedly also called her a baboon.

Itumeleng Tsoeu, aged 30, has since given a statement to police officers who are trying to track down the woman after the incident, which took place on Monday at the Vaal Mall.

Tsoeu told Eyewitness News how she was screamed at over a parking spot as she sat in her car, breastfeeding her son.

Tsoeu is still reeling from Monday’s events. She recalled how helpless and humiliated she felt while being verbally abused and pepper-sprayed by another woman.

An angry Tsoeu said her baby’s face was swollen and his eyes were red following the attack. He also struggled to breathe for hours after the attack, she said.

Tsoeu said the woman was heartless. She described how she laughed after calling her a baboon and threatened to shoot her.

“We felt suffocated. I showed them the baby and they laughed. It was worse for my son. I handed him to my mom.”

All she wants is for her attacker to be found so that she can own up to her actions.

“I felt like they made me a laughing stock. It was humiliating. She must learn and develop respect for other people.”

Police, who are investigating a case of common assault, have not been able to trace the woman, whose car is registered in Komatipoort, in Mpumalanga.

They’re also trying to retrieve CCTV footage from the Vaal Mall, hoping it will help with their investigation.

WATCH: ‘I’ll shoot you and your baboon’ – Mom recounts being pepper-sprayed while breastfeeding in car.


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