eskom darkness

Police officers and intelligence officials will reportedly be deployed to all Eskom power facilities in the country as fears of sabotage to the power system increase.

The Sunday Times is reporting that the emergency plan includes preventing possible sabotage to the electricity supply by those linked to state capture.

Earlier this week, Eskom announced that it will probe allegations of sabotage after stage 4 load shedding was implemented.

As Eskom faces more challenges there are concerns about the electricity supply crisis at the utility.

The Sunday Times is reporting that there are suspicions the crisis was deliberately created to undermine President Cyril Ramaphosa’s plans to change the structure and business model at the utility and get rid of corruption.

The paper is reporting that security agencies are being roped into the emergency response to detect any malicious attacks and protect power stations from sabotage.

On Friday, Eskom announced that there would be no load shedding this weekend.