Watch: #100ManMarch Brings Out Thousands

The government has been called on to place harsher punishments, including execution, for men who abuse women and children.

A large crowd gathered in Pretoria on Tuesday for the 100 Men March.

The march against the abuse of women and children was organised by the government.

Men at the march say they attended to help do away with the notion that men are deaf to the cries of women in South Africa.

One man in attendance said it’s not fair that all men are labelled trash because of the actions of a few.

“If you beat up a woman, maybe they should cut whatever it’s that you’re using to beat her. If you rape a woman… I don’t know what medication they should use to deactivate your manhood.”

He says while marches like this are welcome, he would like to see the government tighten legislation in a bid to stop abuse.

Ministers and other officials in attendance signed a pledge to stop the culture of abuse.

Other men in the country have been advised to visit the 100 men website to do the same.

Minister of Communications Nomvula Mokonyane said that not all men are bad as she joined thousands of people who marched together through the streets of Tshwane to the Union Gardens in support of the #100MenMarch.