The Magical Treehouse That Was Built In Less Than A Month

Pete Nelson, the genius behind popular Animal Planet show Treehouse Masters, takes viewers behind the scenes of a larger-than-life treehouse he was commissioned to build in Maine.

It took Nelson and his team less than a month to build the structure, which is situated on the banks of a lake. Called the Narnia Portal treehouse, it’s a gorgeous combination of nature meets symmetry.
“Our client was really interested in all the Narnia stuff, and she had this fantastical idea – some kind of ethereal treehouse,” says Nelson.  “The first thing that drew me was this tower, and the cone shape that tumbles down into what is a pyramid for the roof over what is the bedroom.”
One of the things that makes the treehouse exceptional is that it has a full bathroom, says interior designer Christina Salway. A lot of detail has also gone into the design of the bathroom, from the bespoke tiles chose for the shower to the complimenting colour scheme.