Zakariyya Park Protesters Claim Authorities Opened Fire On Them

Zakariyya Park
The R557 in Ennerdale main entrance has been blocked by protesting residents. Picture: Edwin Ntshidi/EWN

Residents in Zakariyya Park and Ennerdale, south of Johannesburg on Friday said they were tired of the recent mushrooming of informal settlements in their areas.

They’ve been protesting since the early hours of Friday over what they call illegal occupation of land.

The situation remains relatively calm as some areas that have been affected by protests over land invasions, however, it’s very difficult for motorists to access the areas.

In Zakariyya Park, protesting residents have completely blocked the main entrance with big rocks and other objects.

Pravin Iswar from the area said their demonstration began peacefully.

“We started from 03:30 am, all of us gathered around and blocked off the road. Next minute we see metro officials and SAPS. As we approached them, they opened fire on us.”

In Ennerdale, demonstrating residents appear to have taken a break after running battles with residents from nearby informal settlements but the R557 is blocked with burning tires and motorists are forced to make U-turns as they battle to find alternative routes to access the area.

Meanwhile, the R558 has been opened for traffic and police continue to monitor the situation.