Zimbabwe Lawyer Challenges Government’s Decision To Ban Foreign Currency Use

The Zimbabwe dollar

A Zimbabwe lawyer has gone to court to challenge the government’s decision to ban the use of foreign currency.

Godfrey Mupanga said the country’s laws allowed for the use of multiple currencies, and this could only be reversed by Parliament.

It’s not clear what chance of success this High Court application would have.

Mupanga said banning the use of foreign currency was irrational and unreasonable and should be declared unconstitutional.

He said the Zimbabwe dollar failed 11 years ago and there was no evidence that economic fundamentals have changed to support its reintroduction.

That was a view that would be shared by many here, who feared Zimbabwe was headed for a replay of 2008, when the local currency was wiped out by inflation.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has defended the move, saying the country needed its own currency for the economy to take off.