Zimbabwe Power Crisis Set To Continue Until Zesa Clears Debts

Zimbabwe power crisis

Zimbabwe’s power crisis looks set to continue as the state power company Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (Zesa) said it had to clear its debts before it could expect to import more power from its neighbours.

Zimbabwe reportedly owed around $80 million to Eskom and Mozambique’s HCB power company.

Zimbabwe’s state power company spokesperson Fullard Gwasira said Zimbabwe needed to come up with a payment plan to clear its debts.

He told independent news website, newZWire, that 450 megawatts would be available for import, but only if Zesa clears $80 million worth of debts.

Until Zimbabwe paid what it owed, Zesa could only import 50 megawatts of power from Eskom, and 100 megawatts from Mozambique’s HCB.

Zimbabwe’s main hydro-power station at Lake Kariba has had to reduce its power output to 358 megawatts, from 542, because of low water levels.

As a result, many areas had power cuts of between eight and 10 hours per day.