Senior ANC member Derek Hanekom said former president Jacob Zuma must be held accountable for his remarks on social media.

This follows a tweet last month in which Zuma referred to him as an enemy agent.

Hanekom said Zuma has no evidence to support his claims.

The former minister was speaking at Ahmed Kathrada’s 90th birthday celebrations held in Johannesburg last night.

The ANC NEC member said Zuma’s claims that he was an apartheid spy is a threat to his credibility as a politician.

“Calling me a known enemy agent is of a different nature altogether. He had no evidence because there isn’t any.”

Hanekom is suing the former president for R500,000 for defamation following a tweet on 25 July where Zuma referred to him as a known enemy.

The former minister said he believes he has a strong case.

“The fact is there’s damage to people, it distorts our history and somewhere it has to come to an end.”

Zuma is opposing Hanekom’s bid.