Zuma Takes to Twitter to Share His View on Land Reform

Former president Jacob Zuma has been making the most of his social media account, this time with a video post detailing his opinion on Land Reform. The ex-president had begun by saying that the ANC had attempted to start land transformation with land expropriation with compensation and that it had not worked. He explained that large portions of land had been taken from indigenous people by the colonists and that freedom cannot truly be achieved without rectifying the situation facing those who had been displaced.

On land expropriation without compensation he had said that he could not understand why the matter was up for debate as one cannot deny the fact that people who had been colonized and their land taken from them should receive some kind of relief. He went on to explain that a large portion of the challenges facing black people in the country could be solved simply by giving them land. Zuma explained that they are not calling for white people to be stripped of their properties but simply to aid in the redistribution of land that had been unfairly acquired.

He concluded by saying he becomes more and more convinced that the authors of the Freedom Charter has been more advanced than we are now, as they had already spoken about the nationalization of land at the conception of South Africa as we know it.

Both videos can be watched below:

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